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 曲桐 Scott C. Schuyler








研究室現有: 博士後研究員  



專任研究助理  4

大學部專題生  3




有絲分裂紡錘體檢查點 (mitotic spindle checkpoint) 可防止染色體丟失。我們欲透過研究紡錘體檢查點抑制細胞週期調控者之後期促進複合體 (anaphase-promoting complex, APC),了解真核生物中細胞分裂時此檢查點對染色體的調控。酵母菌遺傳學、細胞生物學以及生物化學的結合是探索蛋白複合體在其分子作用的一個強大的研究工具。透過在生物化學、細胞生物學與遺傳學方法,以及運用我相關的專業知識,本實驗室將對有絲分裂紡錘體檢查點如何抑制後期促進複合體進行深入的探討。
























Shiao-Yii Wu*, Vivian Jen-Wei Kuan*, Yao-Wei Tseng*, Scott C. Schuyler#, and Yue-Li Juang#. (2016) The anaphase-promoting complex works together with the SCF complex for proteolysis of the S-phase cyclin Clb6 during the transition from G1 to S phase. Fungal Genet Biol. Jun; 91:6-19. (SCI IF: 2.933) *equal contribution. #co-corresponding authors.


Wu CC, Wu HJ, Wang CH, Lin CH, Hsu SC, Chen YR, Hsiao M, Schuyler SC, Lu FL, Ma N, Lu J. (2015) Akt suppresses DLK for maintaining self-renewal of mouse embryonic stem cells. Cell Cycle. 14(8):1207-17. (SCI IF: 3.952)


Gopinath RK*, You ST*, Chien KY*, Swamy KBS, Yu JS, Schuyler SC# and Leu JY#. (2014) The Hsp90-dependent proteome is conserved and enriched for hub proteins with high levels of protein-protein connectivity. Genome Biol. Evol. Oct 13;6(10):2851-65. (SCI IF: 4.098) *equal contribution, #co-corresponding authors


Liu YC, Kao YT, Huang WK, Lin KY, Wu SC, Hsu SC, Schuyler SC, Li LY, Leigh Lu F, Lu J. (2014) CCL5/RANTES is important for inducing osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells and is regulated by dexamethasone. Biosci Trends. Jun; 8(3):138-43. (SCI IF: 1.533)


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Wang C-H, Ma N, Lin Y-T, Wu C-C, Wu H-J, Yu C-C, Hsiao M, Lu FL, Schuyler SC, and Lu J. (2013) Array-Based High Through-put Screen in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells with shRNAs. Curr. Protoc. Stem Cell Biol. Sept; 26:5C.3.1–5C.3.19


Lu FL, Yu C-C, Chiu H-H, Liu HE, Chen S-Y, Lin S, Goh T-Y, Hsu H-C, Chien C-H, Wu H-C, Chen M-S, Schuyler SC, Hsieh W-S, Wu M-H, Lu J. (2013) Sonic hedgehog antagonists induce cell death in acute myeloid leukemia cells in the presence of lipopolysaccharides, tumor necrosis factor-α, or interferons. Invest. New Drug. Aug 31(4):823-32 (SCI IF: 3.281)


Schuyler SC#, Wu Y-F*, Kuan VJ-W*. (2012) The Mad1-Mad2 balancing act - a damaged spindle checkpoint in chromosome instability and cancer. J Cell Sci. Sep 15;125(Pt 18):4197-4206 *equal contribution (SCI IF: 4.706) #corresponding author, *equal contribution




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