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Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences



王子豪 (Tzu-Hao Wang)


Lab:林口醫學中心 3J婦產部實驗室

EducationMD., Ph.D.

University/NationUniversity of Tennessee, USA

Tel(03) 328-1200 ext. 5402

E-mail knoxtn@cgmh.org.tw

Research website

Research interests:

1. genomic medicine

2. apoptosis / autophagy

3. DNA microarray

4. ovarian cancer

5. amniotic fluid stem cells



1.      Wang CN, Chang SD, Peng HH, Lee YS, Chang YL, Cheng PJ, Chao AS, Wang TH*, Wang HS. Change in amniotic fluid levels of multiple anti-angiogenic proteins before development of preeclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (2010) 95: 1431-1441. (* Corresponding author) IF:6.495

2.      Chao A, Tsai CL, Wei PC, Hsueh S, Chao AS, Wang CJ, Tsai CN, Lee YS, Wang TH*, Lai CH. Decreased expression of microRNA-199b increases protein levels of SET (protein phosphatase 2A inhibitor) in human choriocarcinoma. Cancer Letters. (2010) 291: 99-107. (* Corresponding author) IF:4.864

3.      Chang KP, Kao HK, Liang Y, Cheng MH, Chang YL, Liu SC, Lin YC, Ko TY, Lee YS, Tsai CL, Wang TH, Hao SP, Tsai CN. Overexpression of Activin A in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Association with Poor Prognosis and Tumor Progression. Ann Surg Oncol. (2010) 17: 1945-1956. IF:4.182

4.      Wang TH*, Chao A, Tsai CL, Chang CL, Chen SH, Lee YS, Chen JK, Lin YJ, Chang PY, Wang CJ, Chao AS, Chang SD, Chang TC, Lai CH, Wang HS. Stress-induced phosphoprotein 1 as a secreted biomarker for human ovarian cancer promotes cancer cell proliferation. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics. (2010) 9(9): 1873-1884 (* Corresponding author) IF:8.354

5.      Cheng WC, Tsai ML, Chang CW, Huang CL, Chen CR, Shu WY, Lee YS, Wang TH, Hong JH, Li CY, Hsu IC. Microarray meta-analysis database (M2DB): a uniformly pre-processed, quality controlled, and manually curated human clinical microarray database. BMC Bioinformatics (2010), 11:421. IF:3.029

6.      Hung CJ, Yao CL, Cheng FC, Wu ML, Wang TH, Hwang SM. Establishment of immortalized mesenchymal stromal cells with red fluorescence protein expression for in vivo transplantation and tracing in the rat model with traumatic brain injury. Cytotherapy. (2010) 12(4): 455-65. IF:2.925

7.      Chen CP, Chiang MC, Wang TH, Hsueh C, Chang SD, Tsai FJ, Wang CN, Chern SR, Wang W. Microvillus inclusion disease: prenatal ultrasound findings, molecular diagnosis and genetic counseling of congenital diarrhea. Taiwan J Obstet Gynecol. (2010) 49(4):487-94. IF:0.947

8.      Chao AS, Chao A, Chang YL, Wang TH, Lien R, Lee ZL. Chest wall deformities in a newborn infant after in utero thoracoamniotic shunting for massive pleural effusion. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. (2010) 151:112-3. IF:1.764

9.      Wang HS, Cheng BH, Wu HM, Yen CF, Liu CT, Chao A, Wang TH* A mutant single nucleotide polymorphism of follicle-stimulating hormone receptor is associated with a lower risk of endometriosis. Fertility and Sterility (2011) 95 (1): 455-7. (* Corresponding author) IF3.3.958

10.  Wang CN, Chen JY, Sabu S, Chang YL, Chang SD, Kao CC, Peng HH, Chueh HY, Chao AS, Cheng PJ, Lee YS, Chi LM, Wang TH*. Elevated amniotic fluid F2-Isoprostane: A potential predictive marker for preeclampsia. Free Radical Biology and Medicine. (2011) 50: 1124-1130 (* Corresponding author) IF:5.707

11.  Cheng PJ, Wang TH, Huang SY, Kao CC, Lu JH, Hsiao CH, Steven Shaw SW. Differential proteomics analysis of amniotic fluid in pregnancies of increased nuchal translucency with normal karyotype. Prenatal Diagnosis. (2011) 31(3):274-81. IF:2.152

12.  Wang TH, Lee YS, Hwang SM. Transcriptome analysis of common gene expression in human mesenchymal stem cells derived from four different origins. Methods in Molecular Biology (2011) 698: 405-417.

13.  Chang YL, Chang SD, Chao AS, Wang CN, Wang TH, Cheng PJ. The relationships of umbilical venous volume flow, birthweight and placental share in monochorionic twin pregnancies with and without selective intrauterine growth restriction. Twin Res Hum Genet. (2011) 14:192-7. IF:1.583

14.  Peng HH, Kao CC, Chang SD, Chao AS, Chang YL, Wang CN, Cheng PJ, Lee YS, Wang TH*, Wang HS. The effects of labor on differential gene expression in parturient women, placentas, and fetuses at term pregnancy. Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences (2011) 27: 494-502. (*Corresponding author) IF:0.474

15.  Chang SD, Chao AS, Peng HH, Chang YL, Wang CN, Cheng PJ, Lee YS, Chao A*, Wang TH*. Analyses of placental gene expression in pregnancy-related hypertensive disorders. Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (2011) 50: 283-291. (*Corresponding author) IF:0.947

16.  Lu HE, Tsai MS, Yang YC, Yuan CC, Wang TH, Lin XZ, Tseng CP, Hwang SM. Selection of alkaline phosphatase-positive induced pluripotent stem cells from human amniotic fluid-derived cells by feeder-free system. Experimental Cell Research (2011) 317: 1895-1903. IF:3.609

17.  Tran NT, Wang TH, Lin CY, Tsai YC, Lai CH, Tai Y, Yung BY. Direct Synthesis of Rev Peptide–Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles and the application in Cancer Therapeutics. Bioconjugate Chemistry (2011) 22(7):1394-1401. IF:5.002

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20.  Lee YS, Chao A, Chen CH, Chou T, Wang SYM, Wang TH*. Analysis of Human Meiotic Recombination Events with A Parent-Sibling Tracing Approach. BMC Genomics 2011, 12:434. (*Corresponding author) IF:4.206

21.  Chao A, Lin CY, Lee YS , Tsai CL, Wei PC, Hsueh S, Wu TI, Tsai CN, Wang CJ1, Chao AS, Wang TH*, Lai CH*. Regulation of ovarian cancer progression by microRNA-187 through targeting Disabled homolog 2. Oncogene (2012)31(6):764-75. (* Corresponding author) IF:7.414

22.  Chen HC, Lee YS, Sieber M, Lu HT, Wei PC, Wang CN, Peng HH, Chao AS, Cheng PJ, Chang SD, Chen SJ*, Wang TH*. MicroRNA and messenger RNA analyses of mesenchymal stem cells derived from teeth and the Wharton jelly of umbilical cord. Stem Cells and Development. (2012)21(6):911-22. (*Corresponding author) IF:4.791

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24.  Yang CC, Liu H, Chen SL, Wang TH, Hsieh CL, Huang Y, Chen SJ, Chen HC, Yung BY, Chin-Ming Tan B. Epigenetic silencing of myogenic gene program by Myb-binding protein 1a suppresses myogenesis. EMBO J. (2012) 14;31(7):1739-51. IF:10.12

25.  Chang CT, Tsai CN, Tang CY, Chen CH, Lian JH, Hu CY, Tsai CL, Chao A. Lai CH, Wang TH*, Lee YS*. Mixed Sequence Reader: A Program for Analyzing DNA Sequences with Heterozygous Base Calling. The Scientific World Journal (2012) Volume 2012, Article ID 365104, 10 pages, doi:10.1100/2012/365104 (*Corresponding author)

26.  Cheng WC, Shu WY, Li CY, Tsai ML, Chang CW, Chen CR, Cheng HT, Wang TH*, Hsu IC*. Intra- and Inter-Individual Variance of Gene Expression in Clinical Studies. PLoS One (2012) 7(6): e38650. doi:10.1371. (*Corresponding author) IF:4.411

27.  Tsai CL, Tsai CN, Lin CY, Chen HW, Lee YS, Chao A*, Wang TH*, Wang HS, Lai CH. Secreted stress-induced phosphoprotein 1 stimulates cell proliferation of ovarian cancer through SMAD signaling pathways. Cell Reports (2012) 2: 283-293. August 30, 2012 (*Corresponding author) (a new Journal of Cell Press launched in 2012, no IF yet)

28.  Wang HS, Wu HM, Cheng BH, Yen CF, Lee YS, Huang HD*, Wang TH*. Functional Analyses of Endometriosis-Related Polymorphisms in the Estrogen Synthesis and Metabolism-Related Genes. PLoS One (2012) in press. (*Corresponding author) IF:4.411



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