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Guo-Jen Huang (黃國正)

Appointment:Associate Professor

Lab:Functional Neuroscience


University/Nation:University of Cambridge, UK

Tel:(03)2118800 ext.3802


Research website:

Research interests

For more than 100 years, neuroscientists assumed that there was no generation of new neurons in the adult brain. However, in 1965, scientists claimed new neurons are formed in the adult brain. Subsequently, the 1990s sparked a period of intensive work by researchers who strived to unveil factors controlling hippocampal neurogenesis and investigate the functions of newly-formed neurons. Unfortunately, there is still no consensus on what functions these new neurons perform.

The hippocampus is considered a key anatomical structure for learning and emotion. Thus, scientists have assumed that the functions of newly form neurons in the adult hippocampus were also linked to learning and emotion. Over the next several years, I am going to use genetically modified mice to answer what is the function of adult neurogenesis.


 Selected Publications:  (*corresponding author)     

  1. Eu WZ, Chen YJ, Chen WT, Wu KU, Tsai CY, Cheng SJ, Carter R, Huang GJ*. The effect of nerve growth factor on supporting spatial memory depends upon hippocampal cholinergic innervations. Translational Psychiatry (2021, Accepted)
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  5. Cai N, et al., Molecular signatures of major depression. Current Biology 2015 May 4;25(9):1146-56. (co-senior author) 
  6. Huang GJ, Smith AL, Gray DH, Cosgrove C, Singer BH, Edwards A, Sims S, Parent JM, Johnsen A,Mott R, Mathis D, Klenerman P, Benoist C, Flint J. A genetic and functional relationship between T-cells and cellular proliferation in the adult hippocampus. PLoS Biology 2010 Dec 14; 8(12):e1000561 
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