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徐淑媛(Shu-Yuan Hsu)

Appointment:Assistant Professor

Lab:Cell Biology Laboratory


University/Nation:Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Tel:03-211-8800 ext. 5088


Research website:

Research outline

  1. Effect of Pnn on the regulation of alternative splicing in brain
  2. Protective effects of conditioned medium on myocardial infarction
  3. Regulation of genes on the proliferation and migration of cancer cells


1. Ke-Hung Tsui, Kang-Shuo Chang, Hsin-Ching Sung, Shu-Yuan Hsu, Yu-Hsiang Lin, Chen-Pang Hou, Pei-Shan Yang, Chien-Lun Chen, Tsui-Hsia Feng, Horng-Heng Juang. Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue 1 Is an Oncogene Inducing Cell Proliferation, Invasion, and Tumor Growth via the Upregulation of NF-κB Activity in Human Prostate Carcinoma Cells. Biomedicines, 2021, 9, 250-265

2. SY Hsu, S Mukda, S Leu. Expression and Distribution Pattern of Pnn in Ischemic Cerebral Cortex and Cultured Neural Cells Exposed to Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation. Brain Sciences, 2020, 10 (10), 708

3. KC Chiang, KS Chang, SY Hsu, HC Sung, TH Feng, M Chao, HH Juang. Human Heme Oxygenase-1 Induced by Interleukin-6 via JAK/STAT3 Pathways Is a Tumor Suppressor Gene in Hepatoma Cells. Antioxidants, 2020, 9 (3), 251

4. Chen, C.-H.*; Hsu, S.-Y.*; Chiu, C.-C.; Leu, S. MicroRNA-21 Mediates the Protective Effect of Cardiomyocyte-Derived Conditioned Medium on Ameliorating Myocardial Infarction in Rats. Cells 2019, 8, 935

5. S Leu, SY Hsu, P Ouyang. 4260 Loss of Pnn in cardiomyocytes results in impairment of intercalated discs and arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy in mice. European Heart Journal, 2019, 40 (Supplement_1), ehz745. 0138

6. HY Shih, SY Hsu, P Ouyang, SJ Lin, TY Chou, MC Chiang, YC Cheng. Bmp5 regulates neural crest cell survival and proliferation via two different signaling pathways. Stem Cells, 2017, 35 (4), 1003-1014

7. Yi-Chih Chang*, Shu-Yuan Hsu*, Chih-Chao Yang, Pei-Hsun Sung, Yi-Ling Chen, Tien-Hung Huang, Gour-Shenq Kao, Sheng-Yi Chen, Kuan-Hung Chen, Hsin-Ju Chiang, Hon-Kan Yip, Fan-Yen Lee. Enhanced protection against renal ischemia–reperfusion injury with combined melatonin and exendin-4 in a rodent model. Experimental Biology and Medicine, 2016, 241 (14), 1588-1602

8. Kun-Chun Chiang*, Shu-Yuan Hsu*, Sheng-Jia Lin, Chun-Nan Yeh, Jong-Hwei S Pang, Shang-Yu Wang, Jun-Te Hsu, Ta-Sen Yeh, Li-Wei Chen, Sheng-Fong Kuo, Yi-Chuan Cheng, Horng-Heng Juang. PTEN insufficiency increases breast cancer cell metastasis in vitro and in vivo in a xenograft zebrafish model. Anticancer research, 2016, 36 (8), 3997-4005

9. HT Chai, HK Yip, CK Sun, SY Hsu, S Leu. AG490 suppresses EPO-mediated activation of JAK2-STAT but enhances blood flow recovery in rats with critical limb ischemia. Journal of inflammation, 2016, 13 (1), 1-11

10. Sheung-Fat Ko*, Shu-Yuan Hsu*, Chih-Hung Chen, Pei-Hsun Sung, Meng-Shen TongYen-Yi Zhen, Yi-Ling Chen, Tien-Hung Huang, Sheng-Yi Chen, Gour-Shenq Kao, Hong-Hwa Chen, Chia-Lo Chang, Cheuk-Kwan Sun, Hsueh-Wen Chang, Hon-Kan Yip. Human lung cancer-derived microparticles enhanced angiogenesis and growth of hepatoma cells in rodent lung parenchyma. American journal of translational research, 2016, 8 (3), 130

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