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Shiang-Fu Huang

職稱Associate professor

研究室名稱Molecular epidemiology Lab.

最高學歷M.D., Ph.D.

學校/國家Chang Gung University, Taiwan




研究室現有:Post-doctor:  1

博士班研究生 0 

碩士班研究生 1 

專任研究助理 2 

大學部專題生 0 


Clinically, my field is focusing on head and neck surgery managing oral cavity cancer, oropharyngeal and laryngeal cancers. Special interest is on the salivary gland surgery.

Researches in our lab are mainly on the molecular epidemiology of oral cavity cancer. We also investigated SNPs, genetic mutations, copy number alterations and proteins over-expression in the tumorigenesis and prognosis in oral cavity cancer. We have collaborated with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and collected thousands of specimens and blood samples that are ready for molecular epidemiology research.


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