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歐陽品 (Pin Ouyang)


LabTransgenic Mice Core Laboratory


University/NationHarvard University, USA

Tel: (03)2118800 ext.5267


Research website memo.cgu.edu.tw/pin

Research interests:



1. Leu S., and P. Ouyang* 2006. Spatial and temporal expression profiles of Pinin during mouse development. Gene Exp. Pattern (a section of Mechanism Dev.) 6: 620-631
2.. Chiu Y., and P. Ouyang* 2006. Loss of Pnn expression attenuates expression levels of SR family splicing factors and modulates alternative pre-mRNA splicing in vivo. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Com. 341: 663-671
3. Chou AH, TH Yeh, Ouyang P, YL Chen, SY Chen and HL Wang 2008. Polyglutamine-expanded ataxin 3 causes cerebellar dysfunction of SCA3 transgenic mice by inducing transcriptional dysregulation. Neurobiol. Disease 31:89-101.

4. Ouyang P* 2009. SRrp37, a novel splicing regulator localized in nuclear speckles and nucleolus, interacts with SC35 and modulates alternative pre-mRNA splicing in vivo. J. Cell Biochem. 107: 1278-1288.

5. Chang Y.C., Y.J. Chen, C.H. Wu, Y. C. Wu, T.C. Yen and P. Ouyang* 2010. Characterization of centrosomal proteins Cep55 and pericentrin in intercellular bridges of mouse testes. J. Cell. Biochem. 109:1274-1285.

6. Leu S., and P.Ouayng*ASF/SF2 determines cellular apoptosis induced by loss of pinin expression through activation of alternatively spliced Bcl-xS. J. Cell Sci. (in revision)
7. Hsu S.Y., Y.J. Chen and P. Ouyang* Differential expression patterns of pnn and SR family proteins in mouse central nervous system. Int. J. Cell Biol. Biochem. (in revision).
8. Lin Y.M., L.C. Chen and P. Ouyang* pNO40 functions as a nuceleolar recruiter for SR family proteins and impairs pre-mRNA splicing and export. (submitted)
9. Chen L.C., J.W. Hu and P. Ouyang* Targeted disruption of pNO40 induces mouse aging phenotype and loss of mesenchymal stem cells. (submitted)



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