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Kun-Yi Chien

描述: 簡昆鎰15年金幣2.jpg

簡昆鎰 (Kun-Yi Chien)

AppointmentAssociate Professor

LabProteome analysis Laboratory


University/NationNational Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan

Tel: (03)2118800 ext.5971


Research website http://cgmmrc.cgu.edu.tw/files/13-1064-6726.php

Research interests:

 The main research interest of the laboratory is to develop and improve technologies for proteome analysis. Currently, we are focusing on three technological platforms:

1. Establishing in-depth proteome and phosphoproteome analysis techniques

 We have developed a variety of multi-dimensional nanoLC systems to routinely identify more than 10,000 proteins and 30,000 phosphopeptides from global analyses of proteome and phosphoproteome, respectively.

2. Establishing a sensitive technology for simultaneous detection of dozens of target proteins

By combining chemical modification with chromatographic separation technology, peptides that are not suitable for quantification can be selectively removed. The injection amounts of samples can therefore be increased and the sensitivity for simultaneously quantifying dozens of proteins will be enhanced.

3. Establishing a LC system for analyzing trace amounts of samples.

We are constructing an ultra-low flow rate liquid chromatography system to increase the concentration of the sample when it enters the mass spectrometer, so as to enhance the sensitivity of detection. This technique will be applied to the analysis of single-cell proteome.


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