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Lichieh Julie Chu

朱俐潔 (Lichieh Julie Chu)

Appointment:Assistant Professer

Lab: Multi-omics and Precision Medicine Laboratory

Education: Ph.D.

University/Nation: National Yang Ming University/Taiwan

Tel: 3557

E-mail: julie.chu@mail.cgu.edu.tw

Research website:

Research interests:

Precision medicine has become an important strategy for detection and monitoring of diseases. In our lab, multi-omics data is integrated using concepts of systems biology to classify patients’ groups based on considering of variation among individuals. We also use single cell omics technique to deal with the heterogeneity of cancer lesions and improve understanding of disease mechanisms. Besides, the roles of extracellular vesicles (EVs, including exosome) in disease progression are also explored. More than that, mutual comparison and verification using multi-omics data help us find proper biomarkers to verify in clinical specimens.

For implementing of disease surveillance, a good biomarker should be not only highly discriminating diseases, but non-invasive, simple and rapid detection. We have designed the collection of clinical specimens (including body fluids) depends on characteristics of diseases, and build a system to fully record their information as well as clinical outcomes. The selected potential biomarker candidates are verified using the large cohort of body fluid specimens, and develop their detection reagents as our final goal.

Now we focus on:

  1. analyzing high-risk oral precancerous and cancerous lesions using multi-omics and single-cell omics technologies to clarify the process of malignant transformation from precancer to cancer.
  2. exploring the roles of EVs in the process of oral cancer carcinogenesis, and also finding out the membrane protein biomarkers on EVs for verifying their effectiveness in a large cohort of saliva samples.

Publications (Recent 5 years):

  1. Lee YC, Wong WT, Li LH, Chu LJ, Menon MP, Ho CL, Chernikov OV, Lee SL, Hua KF. (2020) Ginsenoside M1 Induces Apoptosis and Inhibits the Migration of Human Oral Cancer Cells. Int J Mol Sci 21(24):E9704
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