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Division of Physiology and Pharmacology

The division of Physiology and Pharmacology encourages integrated interdisciplinary approaches and offers courses in both basic subjects (Physiology, Pharmacology, and anatomy), and specialized courses (neurosciences, circulatory system, and respiratory system). Research topics in this division include physiological and pharmacological study of the nervous, endocrine, respiratory or cardiovascular system, and molecular mechanisms of aging, cancer, diabetes, drug addiction, along with research to advance drug delivery using nanotechnology.

Hung-Li Wang Division Director / Professor University of Pennsylvania, USA Molecular Neuroscience Laboratory
Jin-Chung Chen Professor University of Illinois, USA Neuropharmacology Labora
Min-Chi Chen Professor Johns Hopkins University, USA Biostatistics Consulting Center
Li-Man Hung Professor National Taiwan University, Taiwan Cardiovascular Laboratory
Horng-Heng Juang Professor University of Maryland, USA Molecular Endocrylogy and Cell Metabolism Laboratory
Yunn-Hwa Ma Professor University of Minnesota, USA Pharmacology Laboratory
Rong-Chi Huang Associate Professor University of Illinois, USA Neurophysiology Laboratory
Shyi-Wu Wang Professor North Carolina State University, USA Endocrinology Laboratory
Mei-Jie Jou Associate Professor University of Rochester, USA Mitochondrial Laboratory
Ya-Chin Yang Associate Professor National Taiwan University, Taiwan Neurobiology Laboratory
Chung-Pu Wu Associate Professor University of Cambridge, UK Cancer Biology Laboratory
Chin-Yuan Hsu Associate Professor National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan Anti-aging Laboratory
Juu-Chin Lu Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA Molecular Endocrinology & Metabolism Laboratory
Shu-Ling Liang Assistant Professor National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan Astroglial Electrophysiology Laboratory
Guo-Jen Huang Associate Professor University of Cambridge, UK Functional Neuroscience
Yi-Shiuan Liu Assistant Professor University of Virginia,USA Stem Cell Physiology and Mechanobiology Lab
Kuo-Chu Lai Assistant Professor National Yang-Ming University/Taiwan Cell Cytotoxicity Laboratory