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Po-Jung Huang

AppointmentsAssistant Professor

LabApplied bioinformatics laboratory


School/NationTsing Hua University, Taiwan

Tel: 3729 or 3168

E-mail: pjhuang@mail.cgu.edu.tw

Research website:

研究室現有: 博士後研究員 



專任研究助理  1 



Research outline:

1.  The development of trans-omics analysis platform for cancer research

2. Pathogen bioinformatics

3. The development of visual analytics tools for biological data interpretation

4. Automatic analysis pipeline development and database integration



1. Huang, P.-J., Lee, C.-C., Tan, B.C.-M., Yeh, Y.-M., Huang, K.-Y., Gan, R.-C., Chen, T.-W., Lee, C.-Y., Yang, S.-T., Liao, C.-S., Liu, H., Tang, P. (2015, Feb) Vanno: A visualization-aided variant annotation tool . Human Mutation, 36 (2), pp. 167-174.(SCI, IF=5.34; R/C=25/167, GENETICS & HEREDITY)

2. Huang, P.-J., Lee, C.-C., Tan, B.C.-M., Yeh, Y.-M., Chu, L.J., Chen, T.W., Chang, K.-P., Lee, C.-Y., Gan, R.-C., Liu, H., Tang, P. (2015, Jan). CMPD: Cancer mutant proteome database. Nucleic Acids Research, 43 (D1), pp. D849-D855.(SCI, IF=9.112; R/C=20/290, BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY)

3. Chen SJ#, Liu H#, Liao CT#, Huang PJ, Huang Y, Hsu A, Tang P, Chang YS, Chen HC, Yen Tc (2015, Apr). Ultra-deep targeted sequencing of advanced oral squamous cell carcinoma identifies a mutation-based prognostic gene signature. Oncotarget , 6(20):18066-18080.(SCI, IF=6.359; R/C=21/211, ONCOLOGY)

4. Chen WH, Huang KY, Huang PJ, Hsu JH, Fang YK, Chiu CH, Tang P* (2015, Jul). Nitric oxide maintains cell survival of Trichomonas vaginalis upon iron depletion. Parasites & Vectors, 8:393. (SCI, IF=3.43; R/C=7/36, PARASITOLOGY)

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