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Director’s words

 GIBMS started the Master’s degree program in 1993, and the Doctoral program in 1997.  We aim to educate graduate students in basic, clinical, and applied aspects concerning the biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, physiology and pharmacology, natural products, as well as infectious diseases and immunity.  Recently, we also integrate basic research and the state-of-the-art techniques in multi-omics informatics & intelligence computation.

 Currently, we have 99 faculty members with diverse research expertise and interests.  The faculty-to-student ratio is about 1:2 and 1:1 for Master and PhD program, respectively.  Based on the faculty's intellectual prowess, we provide 31 English courses covering all major fields and modern techniques in biomedical sciences.  The courses regarding scientific writing and academic ethic are also available.  Chang Gung University also has extensive core facilities, providing an array of shared research resources and services to the faculty and students.  The core laboratories include genomics/proteomics/metabolomics/bioinformatic cores, experimental animal core, and molecular imaging core center.  The tight collaboration between faculty members and doctors in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital ensure strong clinical impact of our research.  The wide range research interests and resources of our faculty members facilitate the knowledge spectrum and research progress of our graduate students.  Thus, GIBMS has a history of excellence in teaching and research.  With devoted faculty, state of art facilities, and ample funding resources, we aim to provide an excellent training environment and experience to our graduate students.