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Dean’s Words

Facing the rapid turnover of research in basic medicine, incorporating the development of current focus of national medical research, and anticipating the exploitation of future clinical application, the mission of the Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Chang-Gung University College of Medicine is to incubate the professional of basic sciences for upgrading our national research quality. Our institute was founded in 1993. In the early stage, we focused on the master programs. We began to admit doctorate students in 1997. Our faculty is complete in every discipline. With a Dean, our faculty mainly consists of basic sciences of College of Medicine (anatomy, biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, pharmacology, public health, parasitology, and microbiology and immunology), counted 46 in total. The current principle is research-oriented. Faculty members are integrated to three divisions by their expertise: biochemistry and cellular molecular biology, microbiology, and physiology and pharmacology. For the future prospective of the three divisions, and the numbers of faculty members and students, please refer to the web pages of each division. The goals of education of master and doctor programs emphasize on both investigation of professional knowledge and training of independent research, and activate student’s future research potential. As for course planning, in addition to required classes, it is based upon our faculty member’s expertise and prospective, incorporating the blueprints of our institute in each discipline, as well as the need of student’s wide and balanced learning. We open plenty of elective courses, invite scholars and experts of different expertise inside and outside school for lectures on special topics, and assist graduate students to make decisions according to their interests, expertise, and future career planning. In the future, we will comply with international trends and our national need of economic construction, set the foundation of Taiwanese basic medicine and biotechnology industry, and expand the collaboration with relevant national research centers and Academia Sinica, to train first-class graduate students and post-doctorate professionals, and then cultivate research personnel of different levels who can participate in the research teams in school or nationwide, achieving the goal of upgrading research quality and enhancing the international prestige and position of our country in basic medicine.