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Lai-Chu See


Lai-Chu See

Appointment: Professor

Lab: Biostatistics

Education: Ph.D.


National Taiwan University / Taiwan

Tel: x5119

E-mail: lichu@mail.cgu.edu.tw

Research website: https://cgmmrc.cgu.edu.tw/p/406-1029-69444,r1667.php?Lang=zh-tw

Research interests

Since working at Chang Gung University in 1992 till now (September 10, 2021), I have published 388 journal articles, of which 65.2% were written in English (253 articles), and 34.8% were written in Chinese (135 articles). I was either the corresponding author or the first author in 171 articles (44.1%). My research interests are as follows:

  1. Big data

I have been working with clinicians in different disciplines using big data, including National Health Insurance Research Database (NHIRD), Taiwan Cancer Registry, Taiwan Death Registry, Taiwan Birth registry etc. My team attempted to build up real-world evidence (RWE) for different medical research topics by setting up rigorous inclusion and exclusion conditions, and adopting appropriate research designs and diverse and advanced statistical methods. It is a great honor to continue to receive funding support from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chang Gung Memorial Research Project. From 2011 to Sept. 2021, 79 SCI papers have been published. Among them, I was the corresponding authors (29 articles), co-corresponding authors (7 articles), or first authors (2 articles), accounting for a total of 48.1%.

  1. Public health

I have performed many public health studies by cooperating with the local government health bureaus. The projects included: newborn health, job stress of clinical staff, AIDS prevention education, hospice care, medication safety, adolescent sex, health promotion, addiction rehabilitation, suicide prevention, long-term care, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), etc. A total of 86 papers (10 SCI papers) have been published, of which 74 are Chinese papers (2 are TSSCI papers).

  1. Develop questionnaires

While working on some public health studies, I have developed questionnaires to collect data. So far, 14 questionnaires have been developed and established their reliability and validity, including knowledge questionnaire of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, knowledge and practice of self-care on liver cirrhosis, the metabolic syndrome prevention knowledge questionnaire, AIDS knowledge questionnaire, questionnaire about supporting methadone maintenance treatment, needle syringe support questionnaire, the questionnaire about the patient-based practice of patient safety, adolescent questionnaire on sexual knowledge for teenagers, questionnaire on medical workers' stress (QMWS), questionnaire of work perception about the global budget for medical employees (WPGB), organ donation questionnaire, stress index for children or adolescents with Tourette syndrome (SICATS), questionnaire about professional attitude of health care workers toward serving HIV/AIDS patients and drug users. I had published 12 Chinese papers (2 of which are TSSCI papers) and 2 SCI papers, all of which are the first and corresponding authors (9) and the first author (3) ), corresponding author (2 articles). We welcome other researchers to use our questionnaires to compare the research results with each other.

Publications for the last 5 years (only show English papers, * represent corresponding author):

1.    Siu WHS, Li PR, *See LC. Rate of condom use among sexually active adolescents: a nationwide cross-sectional study in Taiwan from 2012 to 2016. BMJ Open 2021;11(8):e047727. (SCI, Impact factor=2.692, Ranking=64/169, MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL)

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3.    Huang WK, Hsu HC, Chang SH, Chou WC, Chang JWC, Chen JS, Yang TS, See* LC. Real-world effectiveness of adjuvant oxaliplatin chemotherapy in stage III colon cancer: a controlled interrupted time series analysis. Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021;12. (SCI, Impact factor=5.810, Ranking=47/356, PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY)

4.    Lee JS, Chang ST, Shieh LC, Lim AY, Peng WS, Chen WM, Liu YH, See LC. Stereopsis and Response Times between Collegiate Table Tennis Athletes and Non-Athletes. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2021;18(12):6287. (SCI, Impact factor=3.390, Ranking=41/176, PUBLIC, ENVIRONMENTAL & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH)

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6.    *See LC, Li HM, Chao KY, Chung CC, Li PR, Lin SR. Knowledge of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder among the general public, parents, and primary school teachers. Medicine (Baltimore) 2021;100(12):e25245. (SCI, Impact factor=1.889, Ranking=99/169, MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL)

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