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Bertrand Tan


譚賢明 (B談ertrand Tan)


LabBiochemistry, Proteomics, Molecular Cellular Biology


University/NationNational Taiwan University, Taiwan

Tel: (03)2118800 ext.5067 / 3583


Research website: 

Research interests:

 The field of chromatin biology/epigenomics has been a fascinating area of research inquiry in the last decade or so mainly due to the isolation and identification of a myriad of chromatin structure modulators. Through remodeling (or further packaging) or modification of the nucleosomal assembly, or establishing particular histone code or DNA methylation pattern, these types of “epigenetic regulator” activities have proven intrinsically vital to the control of gene expression and DNA structure maintenance, and ultimately, cell physiology. My research is focused mainly on several novel chromatin-associated factors, all of which have distinct yet largely uncharacterized epigenetic roles during different chromatin-based processes.
The field of chromatin biology/functional epigenomics focuses on the functional integration of many signaling pathways and different chromatin-associated enzymatic or structural factors. Therefore, to thoroughly characterize the functions of our target chromatin modifiers, we are undertaking a multi-disciplinary scheme entailing various tools and methods:
A. An integrated, functional genomic-based approach based on powerful methods such as ChIP-on-chip, microarray, TF-TF array, and interactomic/proteomic analyses.
B. A cell biology/developmental biology approach, including techniques such as immunocytochemistry, siRNA-mediated gene knock down, cell cycle profiling, and mouse genetics.


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