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Hsin-Ching Sung


Hsin-Ching Sung  

AppointmentsAssistant professor

LabMolecular Signal Transduction Laboratory


School/NationNational Taiwan University, Taiwan

Tel: +886-3-2118800 ext: 5977

E-mail: hcs@mail.cgu.edu.tw

Research website:

研究室現有: 博士後研究員 



專任研究助理  1  


Research outline(1-3 pages)

To understand the lung inflammation and the related mechanisms


1. Chen YC, Sung HC*, Chuang TY, Lai TC, Lee TL, Lee CW, Lee IT, Chen YL. (2021). Vitamin D3 decreases TNF-α-induced inflammation in lung epithelial cells through a reduction in mitochondrial fission and mitophagy. Cell Biology and Toxicology, 1-24.

2. Ho CP, Tsui K-H, Chang KS, Sung HC, Hsu SY, Lin YH, Yang PS, Chen CL, Feng TH, Juang HH. (2021). Caffeic acid phenethyl ester inhibits the growth of bladder carcinoma cells by upregulating growth differentiation factor 15. Biomedical Journal.

3. Tsui KH, Chang KS, Sung HC, Hsu SY, Lin YH, Hou CP, Yang PS, Chen CL, Feng TH, Juang HH. (2021). Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue 1 is an oncogene inducing cell proliferation, invasion, and tumor growth via the upregulation of NF-κB activity in human prostate carcinoma cells. Biomedicines, 9(3), 250.

4. Lee TL, Lee MH, Chen YC, Lee YC, Lai YC, Lin HH, Hsu LF, Sung HC, Lee CW, Chen YL. (2020). Vitamin D attenuates ischemia/reperfusion-induced cardiac injury by reducing mitochondrial fission and mitophagy. Frontiers in Pharmacology, 11, 604700.

5. Chiang KC, Chang KS, Hsu SY, Sung HC, Feng TH, Chao M, Juang HH. (2020). Human Heme Oxygenase-1 Induced by Interleukin-6 via JAK/STAT3 Pathways Is a Tumor Suppressor Gene in Hepatoma Cells. Antioxidant, 9(3), 251.

6. Chen, YM*, Sung, HC*, Kuo, YH, Hsu YJ, Huang CC, Liang, HL. (2019). The Effects of Ergosta-7, 9 (11), 22-trien-3β-ol from Antrodia camphorata on the Biochemical Profile and Exercise Performance of Mice. Molecules, 24(7), 1225.

7. Sung HC, Liu CW, Hsiao CY, Lin SR, Yu IS, Lin SW, Chiang MH, Liang CJ, Pu CM, Chen Y C, Lin MS, Chen YL. (2018). The effects of wild bitter gourd fruit extracts on ICAM-1 expression in pulmonary epithelial cells of C57BL/6J mice and microRNA-221/222 knockout mice: Involvement of the miR-221/-222/PI3K/AKT/NF-κB pathway. Phytomedicine, 42(15), 90-99.

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