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Jim-Tong Horng

洪錦堂 (Jim-Tong Horng)


LabCell Biology Laboratory


University/NationUniversity of Cambridge, UK

Tel: (03)2118800 ext.5156


Research website http://memo.cgu.edu.tw/jim-tong/index.htm

Research interests:


Publications: *corresponding author

1. Tang, W.F., Yang, S.Y., Wu, B.W., Jheng, J.R., Chen, Y.L., Shih, C.H., Lin, K.H., Lai, H.C., Tang, P., Horng*, J.T., 2007. Reticulon 3 binds the 2C protein of enterovirus 71 and is required for viral replication. The Journal of biological chemistry 282, 5888-5898.

2. Wu, B.W., Pan, T.L., Leu, Y.L., Chang, Y.K., Tai, P.J., Lin, K.H., Horng*, J.T., 2007. Antiviral effects of Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen) against enterovirus 71. The American journal of Chinese medicine 35, 153-168.

3. Lin, T.Y., Liu, Y.C., Jheng, J.R., Tsai, H.P., Jan, J.T., Wong, W.R., Horng*, J.T., 2009. Anti-enterovirus 71 activity screening of chinese herbs with anti-infection and inflammation activities. The American journal of Chinese medicine 37, 143-158.

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6. Yeh#, J.Y., Coumar#, M.S., Horng#, J.T., Shiao, H.Y., Kuo, F.M., Lee, H.L., Chen, I.C., Chang, C.W., Tang, W.F., Tseng, S.N., Chen, C.J., Shih, S.R., Hsu, J.T., Liao, C.C., Chao, Y.S., Hsieh, H.P., 2010. Anti-influenza drug discovery: structure-activity relationship and mechanistic insight into novel angelicin derivatives. Journal of medicinal chemistry 53, 1519-1533.

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14. Hsieh, C.F., Yen, H.R., Liu, C.H., Lin, S., Horng*, J.T., 2012. Ching-fang-pai-tu-san inhibits the release of influenza virus. Journal of ethnopharmacology. In press



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